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Micropilot M FMR250
  • Micropilot M FMR250

Endress+Hauser Radar Level Meter-Micropilot M FMR250


Endress+Hauser Radar Level Meter-Micropilot M FMR250


Product description

Continuous and non-contact level measurement in solids.

Cost-effective 4 to 20 mA 2-wire technology.


Your benefits

    • 2-wire technology, low price:
      2-wire technology reduces wiring costs and allows easy implementation into existing systems.

    • Non-contact measurement:
      Measurement is almost independent from product properties.

    • Easy on-site operation via menu-driven alphanumeric display.

    • Easy commissioning, documentation and diagnostics via Endress+Hauser operating software.

    • Integrated air purge connection for extremely dusty conditions or media tending to create build-up.

    • Max. measuring range 70 m (230 ft).

    • Suitable for process temperatures up to 200 °C (392 °F).

    • HART or PROFIBUS PA respectively FOUNDATION Fieldbus protocol.

    • Optional remote display and operation.

    • Used for level monitoring (MIN, MAX) up to SIL 2  as per IEC61508 / IEC61511-1.

    The Micropilot M performs continuous, non-contact level measurement especially in powdery to granular bulk solids. Additionally it can be used in liquids as well.

    Dust, filling noises, temperature layers and gas stratification do not affect measurement.


    Typical areas of application are:

    • Level measurement in tall silos with extremely dusty bulk solids e.g. cement, raw meal or animal feed.

    • Applications with high temperature requirements up to 200 °C (392 °F), e.g. clinker or fly ash.

    • Applications with highly abrasive bulk solids e.g. ferrite.

    The FMR250 with DN80 or DN100 horn antenna for all standard applications, particularly also for small nozzle sizes.

    The FMR250 with DN200 or DN250 parabolic antenna offers high beam focussing of 4° or 3.5° and is thus ideal for applications with many installations.





    Download Datasheet:

    Micropilot M FMR250

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